Back-Order Advisory

Back-Order Advisory, This message only applies to customers who purchased Juul Flavored Pods (Flavors: Fruit, Creme Brulee, Vanilla 5% Nicotine, Mango 3% & 5% Nicotine)

Dear Customers,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your order with WeVapeUSA and appreciate your choosing us for your purchase. I regret to inform you of the following update in relation to your most recent purchases.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Merchandise to fulfill orders has not arrived at our facilities, and are unable to fulfill your order. Due to the nature of this delay, we expect to see the arrival of these packages at our facility in the foreseeable future. We kindly ask for your understanding of the matter, and continued patience to allow us to fulfill your order. However in the event, this is not what you would like to do, one of our associates can gladly assist you with any changes you would like to be arranged. Please allow us the courtesy of assisting you to resolve and provide updates for any of your questions.

For all order, related inquiries kindly email our support team at SUPPORT@WEVAPEUSA.COM (please include your order number(‘s) in the Subject)

Your time is valued and we expect to ensure a quick response time and satisfactory results.

Yours Truly,


Juul Mango 3% is PERMANENTLY – OUT OF STOCK. Please cancel or update your subscription.


To Date, All backorders have been processed and shipped.

Vanilla – All Orders Shipped

Fruit – All Orders Shipped

Mango – All Orders Shipped

The sale of Juul Pods will be reinstated once sufficient stock arrives. We have discontinued the subscription option for Flavored Juul Pods, all purchases must be made via regular purchase when they are available.