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Air Bar Box 5000 Mesh Disposable 5%

5 0 0 0   P U F F S .

Introducing the Air Bar Box 5000, a new mesh disposable device from Air Bar that delivers an approximate count of 5000 puffs per device. Each disposable has an internal 650mAh rechargeable battery with a whopping 14mL of pre-filled e-liquid to keep you vaping for days.

Double Apple
Jungle Juice
Kiwi Dragon Berry
Watermelon Ice
Grape Ice
Blueberry Ice
Cool Mint
Strawberry Mango
Watermelon Candy
Strawberry Kiwi
Rainbow Blast
Mango Ice
Blueberry Mint
Mix Berries
Peach Blueberry Candy
Super Mint
Gummy Bears


Blueberry Ice, Blueberry Mint, Cool Mint, Double Apple, Grape Ice, Gummy Bears, Jungle Juice, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Mango Ice, Mix Berries, Peach Blueberry Candy, Rainbow Blast, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Mango, Super Mint, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Ice


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